Finding Mentorship in a Community Barbershop


Like a good barbershop, a collection of mentors is something that it can be difficult to go without. Our mentors impact our development and emotional readiness through their care, example, and discipline. But, good role models for men and mentors do not fall into our lives without knowing where to look.

That’s where a barbershop can be important.

The community barbershop is a place where openness and mentorship can meet. They can have all the makings of an effective role model and, in some cases, mentor, if the following qualities are present:

  • vision
  • honesty
  • integrity

They use their leadership skills to make that vision a reality. In fact, great mentors are open about their plans for the future and their intent on making you a better man of the world. They discipline and advise with honesty and integrity, never letting their sense of fairness waver in the face of complex situations and issues.

At MVB, our barbers provide a boost in your confidence with a clean cut and are equipped with the right tools to create relationships with the community. They take your vision and make it a reality. They create a comfortable atmosphere that encourages openness and honesty in a way that only a mentor might.

Mentors are also:

  • respectful
  • courageous

A good mentor is made great by carrying respect as one of their guiding principles. With this comes a sense of openness about the world and the ways of life that you might take on your journey of self-discovery. They bravely cultivate this new-found self to be the best it can be without letting their judgements or assumptions cloud their understanding of you and your unique viewpoint.

And, a barbershop like ours is a place of respect for both people and the ideas they represent. They bring the same respect for aesthetic differences to personal uniqueness. 

While the relationship between a barber and a customer can be limited in certain ways, there are plenty of ways that we encourage our mentorship through Kutz and Knowledge. Kutz and Knowledge is another way that our barbershop increases mentorship by bringing together other community leaders and pushes men to think critically about themselves.

Because every man needs a mentor, role model, or father figure to be their best self, it’s important to realize the effect that a community-focused barbershop can have. This is our mission – offering clean cuts and helping our community be its best through education, discussion, and engagement.

For confidence, mentorship, and community, book an appointment with us today.

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