Grooming Therapy


Opening up about our emotions can be tough. For many of us, it can be even harder to do around friends and family due to fear of being judged. Speaking with a therapist can also get a bit expensive and tends to feel a bit impersonal. All of this makes it difficult for men to even bring up the subject of mental health and emotional challenges. However, ignoring the problem doesn’t make it any less important for the community to address. 

That’s where one place in particular has stepped up to help, one of the few places men can speak openly without feeling self-conscious: the barbershop. In Roselle Park, everyone knows that the MVB Barbershop is the place for open conversations and genuine care. There is no judgment, no shaming, nothing that would prevent a man from being 100% open and at ease. At MVB, we already provide our customers with a boost in confidence in the form of a clean cut; but we are also dedicated to creating a special relationship with them, their families, and the community at large. Our shop’s mission is to help men in the area better themselves both inside and out.

A local barber has the opportunity to regularly have one on one time with men who could use some peaceful time to focus on themselves. We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and familiar space that both encourages dialogue and offers spectacular grooming. Everyone at the shop participates and listens to the wide range of conversations that happen as they enjoy their time in the chair and while they wait.  There are difficult times where you just need to describe the challenges you’re facing and vent about what’s going on in your life. At the MVB barbershop you’ll find plenty of willing ears and mentors that are ready to actively listen and give you a sense of calm.

While there are limitations of a barber compared to a licensed therapist, there are plenty of benefits in talking things out with someone you trust, and in the case of MVB’s monthly Kutz and Knowledge, a community you trust. Because in order to have a healthy community, it’s important to allow ourselves to be open to expressing our feelings and share our thoughts on everything; never being afraid to be ourselves both inside and out. During the visit to a shop, barbers work to make you look good. After a trip to the MVB Barbershop, you’ll look great, and feel good.

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