Grooming Wealth for Generations to Come


Like haircuts, good things take time; great things take discipline.

There are certain universal goals men aspire to; good health, financial stability, and personal confidence. The common mistake that stops men from reaching these goals in the long term is that they usually believe they can be achieved right away. Everyone wants a quick fix, an instant solution to make a problem go away or even just cover it up, its just how we are programmed. The issue is, each of those goals requires effort beyond a couple hours at the gym, a fresh cut, or an easy credit card. Focusing only on these shallow approaches often results in negatives for our community including debt, conflict, and social barriers.

These larger challenges are best dealt with through open communication and proper guidance in familiar places like the classroom, the kitchen table, and the barbershop, specifically MVB’s Kuts and Knowledge. To achieve long-term success, we must go beyond “steps in the right direction” and instead plan to run daily toward our ambitions, the way we come in weekly for our fades.

Establishing a solid foundation and gradually adding to it is crucial to the community, to bank accounts, and personal style. Following good habits is essential toward making progress and never giving up ground. See, effective habits allow us to measure our success day by day; the smallest gain is infinitely more valuable than doing nothing. Making sure our weekly income is steady in line with our earning capacity gives us a fixed amount to keep our assets healthy while keeping an eye toward the future. Success is a process, no different keeping our cut and facial hair fresh and clean to feel and look good consistently. You can get one hair cut at MVB, but it will be maintaining the look that will make you feel confident. Putting in the daily work helps us keep moving toward the goal and provides us with realistic expectations.

One part of achieving long term goals that people often forget is protecting the assets we obtain. The biggest obstacles to growth are challenges that we all face from within. We can look good on the outside but if the inside isn’t in alignment, we can’t maintain. The temptation of overspending, not working toward full earning capacity, these are all traps that we present ourselves that require discipline and a focus on the long-term to avoid. There are also many outside aspects that aim to diminish our value and limit our stake in earnings in the form of unnecessary taxes, banking fees, and even ridiculous rental costs.

Arming ourselves with knowledge to understand how to properly maintain safe assets including bonds, real estate, and self-owned business allows us to develop effectively without worrying about losing stability. It also allows us to remain confident in our ability to provide for our family and future generations. Adopting a mindset of ownership is important to recognizing and addressing these everyday difficulties. Just like coming to the shop weekly for a fresh fade, we must stay informed and vigilant or risk damage to the look we’ve worked hard to cultivate.

Most importantly, don’t forget to pass the information on to family, friends, coworkers, and everyone else possible. Both financial and self grooming are most noticeable when the whole community can be involved. With the right combination of knowledge, discipline, and hard work, we can all be happy coming out of the bank and the barbershop. MVB Barbershop that is!

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