More Than A Barbershop

A Connected, Community Barbershop Spreading Rare and Wise Style Across NJ

Many barbershops can say they provide great haircuts, good vibes, and exceptional service. But not many can say they’re committed to being a pillar in their community.

At Most Valuable Barbershop, your local barbershop in Roselle Park, NJ, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Our motto is #morethanabarbershop because we’re on a mission to style and educate.

If you’ve ever been to one of our Kutz & Knowledge events, you know exactly what we mean. Every last Wednesday of the month, men and women of all ages join us to talk about topics like emotional intelligence, generational wealth, and the importance of mentorship.

With more than 30 people around the room, our February Kutz & Knowledge event was about value vs. cost. We had an honest conversation about money, like what’s the difference between making money and building generational wealth? What does it really mean to be successful? What’s the difference between internal vs. external validation?

When’s the last time you talked about something like that in another shop? Probably never. And to be to be honest, we didn’t always take this approach with MVB since starting up in 2011.

With a growing list of clients, a need for more space, and the urge to make more of an impact beyond grooming, we decided to re-launch in 2018 as a community-centered hub where style meets substance. We combined our standard for superior grooming with our dedication to inspire our community.

Do we provide the dopest cuts in Roselle Park? Yeah. Our new shop provides an upscale atmosphere from the moment you book an appointment to the moment you leave the door feeling fresh. You can always expect exceptional haircuts and superior service (even warm eucalyptus towels).

But we’re more than just cuts. We’re here to motivate our community beyond the clippers.

As co-founders, we grew up in Roselle and wish we had something like Kuts & Knowledge when we were younger. But we’re proud to say we’ve built that pillar ourselves.

Francisco Cardenas, Co-Founder and Head Barber
Satiir Stevenson, Co-Founder and CEO

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